Sunday, December 13, 2009

Gospel T-Shirts for sale

Because we need to double time in raising the funds for our upcoming mission trip to Malaysia this February, we are selling these t-shirts for only 150.00 each that's more or less $4 but sadly though we can't do overseas shipping yet, but I would like to work on that so maybe next year I'll be able to ship them abroad.

Right now, we have four designs but new ones are coming within this week also.

I'm still thinking of what else can we sell, right now we have leche flan (custard cake) , we rent out chocolate fondue for parties, I'm not gonna sell e cigarette don't worry. Sometimes it got me worrying because we need to altleast raise Php 20,000.00 ($450.00) for both of us for this mission trip alone. We do not know where to get it but I'm sure God will provide.

So what are you waiting for? Place your orders now and be a part of God's work all over the world!!

1 comment:

Pia said...

how about pins and caps? our church sell those for more or less the same purpose.