Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thankful Thursday - the Gift

What a timely post for this season and Laurie of Women Taking a Stand wrote a very nice post about the gift in us.
And for this Thankful Thursday post I want to share how God's love us and provided or us this week through gifts.

It was Tuesday when my sister texted me borrowing money for my nieces' tuition fees because it's exam week and the money from their Dad who work overseas has not yet arrive. I was torn because I don't have extra money, all I have was just enough to pay the house rent which is due also that day. I cried because I wanted to lend them money but hesitant also because anytime soon the landlord will ask for the rent.

The next morning she texted again and I give in to her request, lend her half of what she is requesting and at the same time praying for some provision for our house rent. And guess what? God gave back exactly what I lend my sister the same day so we were able to pay the rent.

But after that I only had like 200 pesos ($4) left in my wallet I said Lord you know we don't have money and we have needs. And yes He knew so today, a friend sent us a cash gift and at the Christmas party we attended tonight I also got cash money from the raffle. God is so great indeed!!! He is simply AMAZING!!

I so agree with Laurie, if you let God use you as willing and obedient vessel He will also give you tremendous blessings as well. So be a gift to others, it maybe your resources, your talent or your time and you won't regret it for sure!!!

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Denise said...

Amen, bless you my friend.