Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Season of giving and loving

It is Christmas! Actually two more days to go, tomorrow is the last day at the office and I am excited to go home to province to spend Christmas with my parents. I’ve been attending parties and eating a lot since last week. I can’t imagine how many pounds have been added since the beginning of the party season. But I am not complaining, if you’re invited to party often it only means you are loved.

I have also lots of things to blog about. The husband’s picture from Malaysia is up on his facebook and he made a slideshow also of it. I am planning to post it here for you to see how he was used by our Lord in that place.

Next in my list is the “seed of love ministry” which was headed by one of our Pastor. We went to a government hospital last Saturday and distributed goods to the sick children. It deserves a separate post so I’m sure gonna make one for it soon.

And the children’s Christmas parties and church Christmas parties including the dinner fellowships, Christmas is really a big thing here, it is the time where friends and families get together and catch up with each other. That is why I am going home in our province, I want to spend Christmas with my old parents. And though this season is the most expensive month of the year it’s all worth it. And because it is expensive month we forego the motorcycle repair which the husband said is long overdue, we are not going to buy anything for the bike this Christmas yet, although motorbike accessories are not as expensive as jeep accessories we still can’t do it this month. Anyways, if you are looking for accessories, this site has a huge selection and you might find what you need there.

I will be away for three days so being away means I have no access to internet so I won’t be able to see you guys here. And with that, I am leaving you our greetings for this merry season of giving and loving.

Have a blessed and wonderful Christmas with your love ones!!

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Have a blessed Christmas!