Monday, December 28, 2009

Hospital Ministry

Hi everyone! I'm back from a short vacation and will be away again tomorrow. How's your Christmas? Hope you all had fun and enjoyed the day with your loved ones. It's been a busy month for us here, personally and also with the ministry. I have loads of stuff to blog but I'm doing the hospital ministry first because this was the sort of launching of this ministry. One of our Pastor had a burdened in helping sick and poor kids/families in the hospital and so last week we went to distribute some goods and most of all we went to minister and pray for them. It was a very humbling experience.

That is me trying to cheer up this beautiful young girl who just had her operation days ago

and look at that smile!! she became my friend!!
looks like I needed a CONCERTA Adult ADHD Medication here :)

Praying for the sick, praying for healing and miracles

It was such a blessing not only for them but for us also :)

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