Tuesday, December 8, 2009


Rudolf is here! So I know you can imagine how happy I was when I saw him last night.

He has many stories about the mission trip, how God talked to him in such a special way when we are having arguments about his extension. How he prayed for me, for us. Their last night at Kota Kinabalu was great according to him, they staged a worship concert for this small church and he said he was so blessed as people are blessed also, and they want them back there next year and someone from that church is paying for their airfare!

He still have loads of stories to share but I have to give him some rest, I notice the dark circles around his eyes last night and I'm sure that's because of lack of sleep and the long trip back home.

I hope to upload some of his pictures soon for us to enjoy. :)

Blessings everyone!

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sexyjessie said...

I'm so glad that your hubby is back. It's indeed a blessed mission trip.