Friday, February 27, 2009


Calling all Filipino worship leaders and worshiper out there. If you have still have nothing on your schedule for tomorrow (or later) maybe you would want to consider attending this gathering.

Event details from clickthecity.

Rise Up Ministries invites Worship Teams and Worshippers to the Sing Pinoy Worship National Worship Conference.

The theme is We Will Rise Up: Challenging the Filipino Worshippers to fulfill his destiny. With Main Speaker and Host Pastor Roman Guevara, the Composer/Worship Leader of the Rise Up Band.

The event will focus on three topics. Rise Up to Serve, Rise Up to Growth and Rise Up to Destiny. Rise Up to Serve caters the Keys to Developing An Effective Worship Ministry. Rise Up to Growth discusses the importance of Taking Your Life and Worship Ministry to the Next Level. And Rise Up to Destiny focuses on the urgency in Fulfilling the Filipino Worship Calling.

Sing Pinoy Worship also Features Workshops for Musicians, Singers and Dancers with the Special Participation of Various Speakers/Musicians and Pastor Rommel Guevara, the Composer of Mahal na Mahal Kita Panginoon.

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vonzoman said...

Hi there. ^_^

We had a great time on Sing Pinoy Worship yesterday and praise God for this event! Around 3,000 people filled the Jesus Christ Saves Global Outrach (JCSGO) Seed Dome in Cubao. We had a couple of plenary sessions in the morning and a live recording with Ptr. Rommel Guevara for his latest album.

We had a lot of workshops in afternoon for dance, bass, guitar, vocals, piano, worship and missions leaded by a set of skillful christian musicians of our country

Ptr. Roman Guevara and had a mini-concert before they officially conference.

Check their site for more pictures and upcoming activities. We also invite you to the Youth Factor 2 event this coming April 7 with Mr. Pure Energy, Gary Valenciano!

Check our website as well: