Friday, February 19, 2010

Diet pills or slimming tea?

Would you know the best weight loss products available in the market today? What do you take (if you are taking one)

What do you think is more safe?

Diet pills or slimming tea?

because I've given up with diet pills long time ago and it seems that slimming tea is the trend now..I can see loads of advertisement everyday in TV and print ads. Is it safe? have you tried one?

I’m really thinking to try one but am also thinking twice..maybe I should consult the OB first.

How about the slimming juice?


candzyangel said...

Why not try Freelife:


Cho Yung Tea said...

yes.......... today is trend of slimming tea and also diet pills are not so mumuch effective than slimming tea......... try it u will get results