Tuesday, February 16, 2010


"we can stop forgiving others when Christ stops forgiving us"

And we know that Christ will never stop forgiving us so it only means we shouldn't stop forgiving others too. But how hard exactly it is to forgive when the one you have to forgive is the love of your life? and how many times?

Tonight, I listened to a woman who had suffered so much emotional pain from her husband, and what hurts her most? her husband was a former church leader, a bible reader, missionary supporter, a Christian in all his ways and action except when no one sees him (me think). While listening to her I was saying to myself..oh God I cannot do what she did, I might not even forgive on the first offense, I imagine the hurt and torture of knowing your husband has cheated on you, but this lady has only love for her husband and I hope and pray that someday God will reward her beautiful humble heart. That the husband will find his way home to her heart and shower her with all the love she deserves. I will also remember to pray for her husband, I ma not in the position to judge him and I know if he will only come to the Father, He is ready to forgive him.

And I also pray that our marriage won't suffer as much as theirs, that God will protect us from all the enemies work. And at the same time I thank God once again for I may not have the richest husband in the world, one who gives flower all the time, one who treats at the finest restaurant in town, one who often gives expensive gifts like jewelries or a kymaro body shaper but I thank God I have a husband who fears, honor and serve the Lord the best way he could.

So tonight or today please remember all the married couples you know in your heart and pray for their marriage. It might help.

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philly5113 said...

This is susch a a delightful blog. I really appreciate the beauty and simplicity in sharing about the love and goodness of God in your lives.

We must pray for one another we were taught. Thank you for leading this charge.