Saturday, February 13, 2010


If you are a facebook friend, probably you know by now that I feel bad right at this moment. I spent hours crying and trying to accept that all the important pictures I've taken for the past few years were now GONE. Christmas spent at the province with my parents, a nephew's graduation, a family reunion, a summer vacation, some trips we made as husband and wife and many many more memories.

I know I can't do anything about it now, in fact a facebook friend commented saying that memories were etched in our hearts and I now it's true but It's still different when you reminisce it with pictures, pictures that captured every emotion on that particular moment. I could only sigh and sigh.

I wish I had stored it somewhere in the web, I wish I made a back-up, I wish I had know the husband is reformatting the disk..but we can not turn back the time. I have to deal with it now.

So instead of reading about whole life insurance now, I'm trying to back up what's left at my photos and I will do it even if I don't sleep again tonight, i don't want another loss. It is too much to handle. Maybe you're wondering why It's a big deal for me..those are only pictures anyway but I am one of those people who value those a lot, as a matter of fact I always say that if ever our house is on fire I'll save all my photo album first because you can not make those memories again, you can not repeat another Christmas or another birthday in your life right? You can always replace furnitures and stuff but never an event that happened once in your life.

Sorry..this is such a rant.

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