Sunday, February 14, 2010

Starting my week right

I feel bad that I did not attend church today. I didn't get up from bed until past 2:00 in the afternoon. I wish I fought the feeling of frustration and disappointment and just went on with my normal activity for today which going to church the first priority.

But I do feel a lot better now about that event last night. I know I cannot turn back time and I cannot bring back those pictures but I'm sure I can still have loads of memories to keep in the future.

And hello!! losing pictures is not as bad as not having food in the table, it is not as bad as not being able to feel the warmth love from people around you, not even as bad as having some kind of disease like cancer or Mesothelioma. So wasting a night and almost a day sulking about the loss of the pictures is enough. There are more important things to deal and think about than that.

And another week is about to start..I will choose to start it right.

Have a nice week everyone!!

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Melanie said...

It is hard when we lose precious memories in pictures, but you're doing the right thing.... changing focus and moving on! You go girl and just keep focusing on God!