Friday, February 12, 2010

Couple's Valentines Party

Just got home a while ago from our church Valentines day celebration, yes our church do celebrate it :) we're cheesy I know..hehe! but every year the Housewives Ministry organizes a Valentine Party for the couples in the church and every year the women of our church always look forward to it. Below are some pictures taken, Last year I was the host and the game master, this time me and my friend Carmel hosted it. It was lot of fun!!

(me and hubby)

This heart balloon was a DIY by me and hubby, we were at lost first when we tried it, the rod was bought from the local hardware and electrical supplies store. It's worth the effort though because the church people loved it!!

Here are more pictures from the party :)

(beautiful Carmel)

(the worship band in their wacky?/funny?post)

(Pastor Nonoy guessing what it is in his head)

(beautiful receptionists)

(enjoying the food)

(gorgeous housewives!)

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