Sunday, February 7, 2010


I turned 37 today, my current time is 2:15 February 8,2010

I wrote 35 things in my other blog 2 years ago when I turned 35 but I am not gonna do it now.

I think I am getting old, people get old, it is a reality, no anti aging product can stop anybody from getting old.

But I think you can choose the way you want to go old. I may not be getting any younger but I know in my heart I am aging gracefully because God is with me.

Today, I thank HIM for HIS wonderful and amazing LOVE. If HE hadn't love me, I won't be here writing this post and thanking Him.

"I was once lost..but now I'm found"

So..Happy birthday to mE!!


Skippyheart said...

Happy Birthday to you
and God Bless! =)

sexyjessie said...

Happy B'day and God bless!

J said...

belated happy birthday!

remember, age is just a number. what counts the most is the way we live and lead our lives.

take care!