Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday on Friday

I was not able to post yesterday because I was out the whole day but of course I don't want to miss this week because it's Iris of Grace Alone's first week of hosting this wonderful meme.

Anyways, here's my thankful list this week :)

1. For the success of our event last night ( work related), it was my first to handle a big event like that but Praise God we pulled it through!! Thank you Lord for the wisdom and for everything!

2. The Lord is doing something in me right now,and I am thankful for that, it is not beautiful and easy when the potter is remodeling the clay, refining it into something that he wants and approved of but then I'm sure it would end up beautiful.

3. My dad is sick and has been to the doctor yesterday, he needs to do more tests, CT scan and X-rays, I am thanking God now for the provisions He will send our way for those tests and for the healing.

4. Thank God I still have my work, I know a lot are in job search right now and Praise God I have a steady income through my job.

I always declare this every morning..that God is GOOD all the time and it is making a very good effect in me..whatever situation I am in..I know it won't change God's goodness to me because I am HIS precious child.

For more thankful souls, please visit Iris blog.

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Denise said...

Praying for you, and your dad.