Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Multi-tasking..bad or good?

I know most of us specially women multitasks, as much as possible we do not want to waste precious time so we end up doing/ juggling a lot with our two hands. In my case one mind. You see. I'm reading about this marketing materials called point of purchase displays while listening to music and at the same time taking all the lyrics of the songs in my heart ( just like "You are amazing God" that is playing now) and not only that I am also playing bejewelled on another tab. From time to time, I also peek on facebook to check if I have notifications. I know I multitask a lot and I admit sometimes it is not good. As I have said, I only have one mind and well two hands. But I just want to maximized the use of my PC and my time while I'm sitting in front of it. Is that bad? What do you think?

How about you? How far do you multitask? Do you cook while doing laundry? Do you watch TV while cleaning the house?


Karen and Gerard said...

I think multi-tasking is a very useful skill. Women seem to be better at this than men though I don't know why. If we did a bit less multi-tasking, we may be less frazzled, but then we also might get bored. So, I say multi-tasking is a good thing.

May said...

I too agree that multi-tasking is a handy skill, for w/o it I don't think I would get many things done. Although it can become overwhelming at times.