Monday, August 30, 2010

Strategic Planning

Today was a non-working holiday here so that means no office and no work but not for the Fishnets team. We just had our strategic planning the whole day. And it may sounds bad that I didn't had my day off but it's alright because the planning is worth it.

we have four months left for this year and for the kid's ministry,we have two major events left. The Praisin' Kids Town for the Special Children  on November 20 and the Christmas party and the gift giving on December 4 to which I am both in-charge. These two events need a lot of funding so please help us pray for more hearts to support us.

The team is oh so excited for the coming year. This early, we have already lined up activities for the kids here and in different LJBC outreaches. One thing for sure is the DVBS at Bataan.

The strategic planning is indeed very helpful. At least we've measured how far we've started for our goals and mission. Changing one family at a time may sound so easy but I tell you it is not. Urban poor families have different culture and norms and diverting and teaching them that God wants their life to be beautiful is not an easy task. Teaching a father to feed his child instead of using his little money in his vices (alcohols, cigarettes to which I hope is not a romeo y julieta cigars brand and gambling) is a gigantic task and we admit that we cannot do it but God can.

Our regular weekly feeding is doing fine but we need to recruit more volunteer teachers every Saturday. We will also do a basic classroom management seminar for them.

Please keep on supporting us through your prayers. And if you know someone who would want to help us financially you may direct them to International Teams/ Fishnets to see how they can be of help.

Blessings everyone!


maritz said...

Hi sis.. Glad to hear you're soaring up high for God's Work.
My contest is ending so soon.. You can send your sponsorship at my paypal account gracefancubit@y.c.

God Bless you!

Rocks said...

ok I will grace ..thank you!