Saturday, September 4, 2010

Health workers

medical and healthcare jobs are so in demand now in abroad. Some even say that the best nurses and doctors of our country are working overseas because of course higher pay and better benefits.

But I commend those who still chose to work and serve here despite of not getting enough salaries. I am humbled by Doctors for the Barrios. They are the doctors and health workers that volunteers to serve in far flung places of the Philippines, most of those places do not even have electricity. Sometimes they even have to walk hundred miles to visit the people.

I hope there will be more of them here. Just this year, a documentary was shown exposing mountain people that do not have an access to hospital and medicines. For them to get medical treatment, they have to go down by foot and carry the sick in a hammock for at least 3 to 5 hours.

We need doctors here. We need nurses. We need health workers. But we need those who have the heart to serve.

Our ministry is conducting health teachings and small medical mission in some depressed areas in the metropolis. If you want to volunteer just let us know.

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