Sunday, September 5, 2010

Our motorbike

Three years ago, God gave us this motorbike and we are forever grateful. It has been so useful for us especially for the ministry. Although a lot of people do not favor motorbikes on the road because of the high statistics of road accident, we are even more grateful that for three long years God has always protected us. We never forget to say a prayer once we’re seated on the bike. And one thing more, maintenance is not as high as those of cars and SUV’s. We do not need air filters or grilles, the only major problem we encountered are the tires but thank God again we bought new ones and replaced it two months ago.

Now that it has turned 3 years old, I just hope it won’t give us headaches and will still be good to us like before. We still need him everyday. And if ever God give us a car (we’re praying for that also) we would still be using him from time to time. I think I am already used to not being caught in a traffic jam.

It’s been 3 fruitful years for us and our motorbike, we've survived a lot of  tough times like this 

 (ours was the small one)
but we are still looking forward to many good times with him.


sexyjessie said...

Amen, sister. The Lord always knows what we need.

jellybelly said...

Wow sturdy motorbike you got there!