Monday, June 15, 2009

The Wii sport and my lazy weekend

Contrary to what I had plan for our long weekend. See my old post below. I didn’t go anywhere but stayed home for the last three days. And I admit it feels great!! It’s very seldom that you can see me laze around the house because I am usually occupied with work and ministries and a lot more things to do.

I did not go to the ministry site last Saturday so obviously I did not teach also. I did not join the rest of our church mates either to cheer our basketball team last Friday which wasn’t really in my schedule. I did not attend the worship team practice which means I did not sing also in the worship service last Sunday.

So I really had my rest time, lazy time actually. All I did was played games in the computer, watched several movies and no I did not pick a book to read. If I am not doing anything I am thinking of a lot of things, planning, meditating, praying silently.

So I’m guessing I put up a lot of unneeded weight for that three day holiday.

Oh well, I actually did a bit of exercise, like a 30 – 45 minute play time with the Wii sports in our friends house. That was great!! Hubby loved the boxing and ended up with sore muscles the morning after. If I have that gadget I’m sure I won’t need the best diet pills anymore.

I asked how much the Wii sport is and they said in the US it is like $200 and here probably that would cost less than $400. Not cheap so I’ll just go to my friends house and play there once a week if it’s possible.

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Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed your weekend sweetie.