Thursday, June 11, 2009

Weekend plans

It's a long weekend here. June 12 is our Independence day and is always a non-working holiday.
I am so happy to take a break from work!!

I'll be teaching the kids this Saturday. It's been a long time since I actually taught the kids. Somehow, I miss being the teacher and some part of me don't. I miss the connection I have with the kids in our former feeding area.

I was supposed to upload tons of pictures this week but keep on forgetting to copy the pictures from our PC at home. Summer is officially over and I have collected tons of photos from different activities. I need a new compact flash memory to store all those pictures. I am still looking for more ways to save them somewhere else because they are occupying a big chunk of space in the PC. I should not forget that that PC has given up on us so many times. Hubby thinks we really need a memory upgrade.

Too bad the Internet connection at home was cut. I have plenty of times to blog tomorrow but have no connection. Hope they reconnect it soon!

The music team will have practice on Saturday afternoon. I hope something new will happen to the team. It has been a tough time month for all of us. Hubby was down and disheartened but is not quitting. I hope you remember us all in your prayers.

Anyways, hoping you all have a good weekend!

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Denise said...

Good luck with your teaching sweetie.