Monday, September 1, 2014

JHOW's musicians

Our church is so blessed to have such musicians/singers who take time to kneel down in prayer, who seek the Lord and soak in His presence because really without the filling of the Holy Spirit,there is nothing to give, we cannot lead. We recognize that we are there not to perform but to lead the people in worship.

photos from Saturday soaking

Last Saturday, during our regular soaking, there was a word from the Lord for them, I cannot remember the exact words but I will not forget these : Kingdom instruments and Kingdom songs.They are are making music with their instruments for God's kingdom :)

We read from  the Old Testament how the Levites are consecrated to make music in the temple and how they are spared from duties and taxes but instead were paid for so they can focus,concentrate on their tasks. I hope and pray we can do something like that for our musicians too. Praying that someday soon, our church will be able to give them at least love  gift regularly, not that they are expecting though. These people I know from my heart are serving and will serve wholeheartedly even without that.

Still, It's my personal wish to bless them someday. I'm sure their heart will leap for joy if I tell them they can get one for themselves at this music store :)For the meantime, let us bless them with our prayers.

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