Friday, September 5, 2014

Hubby's guitars

This was his very first guitar.
and this is very special to him because it was given to him as a gift. If I am not mistaken this was given to him way back 2005 by a Canadian missionary. We still use this in the church today.

That was his second one.

We bought this last 2009. We actually had a bit of discussion about this recently because last month he mentioned that he is selling this and I did not agree with him, he said he is buying one that is compatible to his gadget and Ipad. Well, my only reason is the sentimental value but apparently he won as this was already sold and we are only waiting for the full payment. That is why I said "was".

I just have to submit (as that is what we are asked to do right?) but of course he has to hear my opinions too :) I'm sure he already Read Full Review of the one he is gonna buy so he won't regret it someday. I saw him trying it one time in the music store and I think he really really like it.

I'll post the picture as soon as he is able to buy it. I hope soon.

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