Friday, February 25, 2011

Only in the Philippines

I was on twitter yesterday and I was one of those who first noticed that a certain place here in our city is trending worldwide. "Ayala-Alabang" is one of the place where the richest people in our country live. It was trending because the twitter world reacted about the Brgy City Council creating an ordinance that you can not buy condoms without prescriptions, so you see people were like..uh..are you crazy? what are you thinking? I understand if it's a pill like you know those prohibited pills that are being used to abort a baby or even a male enhancement pills but I don't get why would anyone need a prescription to buy a condom?

I'm all pro life but I find this city ordinance funny. How would a doctor prescribe a condom? Don't they have anything to do anymore beside creating an ordinance like that?

Only in the Philippines no?

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