Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Planetshakers in Manila. March 12,2011

Planetshakers will be in Manila again and will have a concert on March 12 at the Phil Sports Arena (formerly ULTRA). Me and my husband wants to go because the we missed the first time they went here last 2009. Now should be our chance to celebrate/sing/shout/worship the one true GOD with them together with all the Filipinos but we haven't bought tickets yet. We've been through many expenses the last month and we've lost money (from the t-shirt with wrong print if you remember that) and we haven't yet recovered from that. BUT I am still hoping God will make a way for us to go, if not I'll just pray that everyone who will go and watch the concert will be blessed.
I'm sure the dancing and singing that night would be like one top rated fat burner because of the many calories burned. I really wish I could go. I've never been to ULTRA through, I do not know if it's okay toi buy the 300.00 ticket price for gen. admission.

Who's going?

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