Monday, December 20, 2010

I love books

even when I was still in grade school, during my first year in school I already manifested my love for books and reading. I was sent to a reading competition during my first grade. And my love for reading blossomed in college where I will spend sleepless nights just because I wanted to finish the book I am reading. I love fiction then, most especially suspense thriller books. Agatha Christie was one of my favorites.

When I became to know the Lord personally, there was a change in the kind of books I read.

Now, I have two daily devotional books for this coming year and I am still not done with my “simple living for women” devotional book which I bought on a sale two months ago. I hope I’ll be more faithful with my spending time with the Lord with the help of these books.

I am sure you would all agree with me that devotional books help us in our Christian growth. I am so glad to be able to purchase from different Christian bookstore during a book fair. Books on discounted price is such a delight to me :) And am so glad that there is now more Christian bookstores in town, unlike before when there was only one.

I also saw some Homeschool Books available there, which is vey interesting to note because well, I do plan to home school if ever and even now that I do not have a child yet, I’ve subscribed to some home school blogs and been checking Homeschool Curriculum somehow preparing my self in the near future.

One of our Missionary Pastor is homeschooling their first born and I thought if we are to be full time missionaries also, we will definitely be using one of the Christian Homeschooling Curriculum that was being used by our Pastor.

And back to books, I would still love to receive some as gifts this Christmas so If you’ll buy me one, know that I’ll appreciate it very very much.

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