Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Sick.Plans.Next year

I was down the whole day yesterday, something I ate the night before made my stomach grumble and I feel ill the whole day, as a matter of fact until today but I am feeling a lot better than yesterday. I thought I was going to rushed to the ER yesterday but that's the last thing in my mind. I was actually screaming (silently) in pain because I don't want my husband to worry. I don't want to be brought in the hospital for so many reasons, I'm afraid the doctors will say I need to stay longer to check what's wrong with me and that they will poke me with needles and all and that I'll spend my Christmas in the many thoughts running in my mind..but above all that? the expenses!!! Hospitalization is really not in our budget and I know a day in the hospital will cost me a week's allowance and I don't want to spend the Christmas money with the hospital expenses. Good thing I went against the husband's will. I stayed home and pray and pray that I'll be better.

This event made me think though of seriously having an emergency fund, just in case something bad happens to one of us,at least we will not worry about the money for hospitalization. So that would be one of my definite plan for next year. I am also thinking of investing, will not buy gold coins but I heard that's a good one. I am thinking of just small investment, passive income and I hope to achieve that next year. Although I have yet to write down and see our monthly budget next year.

I'm looking forward to the coming year. I know THE BEST IS YET TO COME for us, for our married life, for our ministry, for our finances :)

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Rita T. said...

I am so glad that you are feeling better. I have a lot of stomach problems off and on and I know that it is horrible to deal with. I'm praying you continue to heal.

I also understand the financial end of things. We are still paying the hospital for my husband's stay last year. Our bill was more than $1,000. You are right to save for the emergencies. I hope we can do that too.

The best really is yet to come! Merry Christmas!