Thursday, March 11, 2010

An update

that's me- checking the work of a student, I assist the teacher in teaching them how to write

that's my dear husband-writing the lesson in a makeshift green board (which is a ping pong table)

Sorry if these are the only pictures I can show you for now because I am not sure if I can post pitcures of kids where we minister but I have so many pictures of their happy faces. They are all beuatiful!!

Anyways, to give you an update of what we do here..

Here's our evryday schedule from Monday to Thursday:

We wake up before 7 am, be in the village at 9 am then classes start immediately till 12 noon. I get so frustrated because I cannot communicate properly but am so proud I am learning the language well. I can now speak one or two sentences and the kids get what I mean.
Friday is "sports and feeding day".
On Sunday my husband will lead the worship service on a local church, I hope it won't be too much to ask for your continued prayers for us.
And so sorry for not updating too often.
Praising God for the opportunity of serving HIM!!!


Up Close said...

We are also excited!
See you soon!

philly5113 said...

I pray for your continued inspiration and grace as you and your husband shares God's goodness and mercy in minister to the children.

sexyjessie said...

PTL that you have the opportunity to minister to the children in East M'sia.

The children there are poor and they cannot afford to go to a nice school.

Will pray for u and hubby for God's grace and strength.