Saturday, March 6, 2010


Praise God I am on the internet again and updating. My heart is bursting with so many thoughts to tell but they are scattered right now. i need to gather them so I can give a decent and nice post for everyone to read.

For now, I just want to talk about adjustments. Since this is my first experience to be out on the mission field, I expected a lot of adjustments and I was right. Life is totally different here. You really will leave your comfort zone.

* WEATHER - is even warmer than the Philippine weather, meaning it's really hot here.

*FOOD - haven't tasted pork since I came here and that's one big adjustment, will go try to look somewhere later.

* TOILETS - theirs is not the American Standard toilets. it's different.

* LANGUAGE - I would like to say I've taken interest in the language and I'm learning, i know few words already and I'm hoping I'll be able to converse in simple sentence in a week from now.

There is a lot of adjustment but I am NOT COMPLAINING. I expected it and I welcome it with open arms. I am learning a lot through these adjustments and I know I will benefit from it.

Will post more soon.


Anonymous said...

You are way to go sir on your adjustments! God is always with you!
Can I add you in my link?


Be blessed!

grace said...