Wednesday, January 13, 2010

There is hope-Haiti

I know most of you by now have heard about the Haiti earthquake that devastated almost whole of the capital city of Haiti.

I just showed my dear husband the pictures and videos a while ago and watching videos in you tube makes me even more sad especially reading some of the comments. Some questioned the existence of God, some even said harsher words. Very very sad.

I know it is hard to comprehend why God would allow this kind of tragedy but who can explain God's mind?

Our small country has been hit by tragedies also last year but I am thankful that our people never questioned God and our people still believed that yes there is God in spite of these disasters.

I hope I can do something to help in my own little way, I hope those who can would help, I hope people would be more sensitive to the need of the others and stop thinking about themselves for a while, for all we know even as thousand of people there are trying to fight for their lives others are thinking about the best wrinkle creams they will buy.

I hope people will still believe that there is God and that HE is still in control.

I hope that victims will still see hope amidst this tragedy.

I can only pray and hope.

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