Saturday, January 9, 2010

Happy 73rd Birthday Tatay!

My tatay (father) is 73 today and I want to thank God for the gift of life. And I pray that He would still give my father more birthday celebration with us. Today we had lunch at my sister's house and I can see how happy my father is, we were all there (except for my brother's family in Pangasinan but it's ok because they were with them naman last New year). We ordered a whole roasted pig (lechon baboy) just for the whole family. :)

I wish I could give my father a nice vacation somewhere so he and mom can relax a bit, that's one of my dream for them, I want them to see more of the Philippines,experience a nice hotel like los cabos hotels in Mexico. Have fun at the beach with their grand kids, go to parks, visit zoobic safari, visit their relatives.

It's not too late I know, they maybe in their old age but they are still both healthy and I know they would still love to travel.

Again, thank you Lord for giving my dad long life, please give him more so he would see his grandchild with us.


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dawn hild said...

Congrat's to Tatay!!!!
God bless from,
dawn hild