Saturday, January 16, 2010

Enjoy your weekend!!!

Just finish typing the songs for the worship service tomorrow, I feel bad because I just posted yesterday that we should be resting early Saturday night, oh well at least my dear husband is. I on the other hand was left to do the typing and to surf a bit on weight loss supplement reviews. But mind you he reminded me to just do what I have to do and not play facebook games tonight.

So being the obedient wife that I should be, I will just wrap up this post and hit the sack!

I hope I'll wake up early tomorrow and not be grumpy. :)

Enjoy your weekend everyone and don't forget to go to church! remember that One week without Christ/church makes one weak.:)

1 comment:

onlinemommy said...

I agree :) One week without church makes one weak :)

Didn't forgot to go to church :)