Sunday, March 2, 2014

Unified: Worship event

 Today, our worship team was privileged to  lead a worship event, a gathering of youth from different churches. The goal is to unite the youth, be one in glorifying the Lord.

Pastor Luis Baldomaro is the guest speaker, composer of timeless praise and worship songs such as "Kasama natin ang Diyos", "Panginoon kay buti mo" and many other christian songs that I grew up to.  He brought with him his music team, there is even a violinist, cool! maybe she is using a violin bridge from musicians friend. I was told later that it was her daughter :)

More than hundreds of young people were ministered to. It was such a very nice sight, seeing young people with hands lifted high, surrendering their lives to the Lord, for sure heaven is rejoicing.

I pray we can have more of this activity and I pray we can reach out to more of young people of our country because I know they will be use mightily by the Lord as end time harvester.

Thank you Lord!! All glory belongs to you!

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