Monday, August 26, 2013

Music Heals

This was a benefit concert for the victims of typhoon maring and it happened yesterday. I told my husband about it, had I not been sick, we could have come and watched.

Great news though that inspite of the not so good weather, the benefit concert went well and that they were able to gather huge amount of donations. Praise God.

I love the title of that benefit concert. Indeed music heals. It's always been my prayer since my husband's ministry is music, that healing flows through worship and that music will help people draw near and be closer to the Lord.

That is why I support my husband with this ministry. Sometimes I feel bored specially when he spend so much time looking at different music apps and gadgets or instruments, sometimes he tries to explain what the best trophy bodhran at guitar center is but I do support him fully. Because I know in my heart.. music heals.

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