Monday, March 25, 2013

Blessed musicians

Those pictures were from our recent worship night in Laguna, days after that, there are people who commented in the band's page in Facebook saying they are so blessed with the Selah band, we are humbled. They didn't know that we are also blessed by them. Seeing them coming to the Lord in worship is more than a blessing for us already. 

My husband's group are all blessed musicians, all of them with no formal music lesson, and most of them only finished secondary education, one didn't even finish grade school. But despite that they are being use mightily by God to minister to people specially the youth. 

 God sees their hearts, their desires and their faith. 

We don't even extra money for thir musical instruments but God provided everything, they may not have the most expensive instrument but they have they carry with them the best instrument ever- a worshiping heart. 

We are still praying for more instrument though such as guitar stands mf, a projector, and gig bags but we know that even without these, we can still be effective in the ministry. 

And we are excited for our next ministry soon. Davao and Palawan.


Pia said...

you know, i believe God will provide for His children especially for the use of advancing His kingdom.

Rocks said...

Amen sis!! amen :)