Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Selah Band -Keep going..keep believing

I was encouraged by yesterday and today's devotional from Joel Osteen. Today he mentioned Elijah who prayed and asked Gog  to end the drought. Though at first,  his assistant did not see anything that could mean it will rain Elijah did not give up and quit, he said look again and then for the seventh time there is the cloud as small as a man's hand.  (1Kings 18:43-45)

Elijah believed even if he did not see anything. And I hope I can have that faith.

And I hope I can encourage my husband and the band too. For the longest time they dream of having that worship album, they worked on it and they started recording already. But circumstances halted the recording and now I know in their hearts they are beginning to lose hope again. It's been a while since the last recording session and they've only finish four songs. I wish they can resume working on it soon.  I pray we can save enough money to pay for the recording studio and that they'll be eager to finish the album before the year ends. 

If only I could awaken their enthusiasm...(sure this exciting Hiwatt guitar gadget will make them smile) but they don't need it at this point in time. What they need is to get back to groove, reclaim the excitement and work even more harder for their worship album.

I pray they will not lose the faith and that they will keep on believing like Elijah did.

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