Thursday, August 16, 2012

Give thanks in all circumstances

My husband spoke at a midweek service last night and his message was about the power of gratitude :) and he quoted 1 Thessalonians 5:18 " give thanks in all circumstances; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus."

I was reminded of the many things actually endless things that I should be thankful for. Everyday we have reasons to thank God and therefore reasons to praise and worship Him.

After the service-I was immediately put to test. Someone told me about a text that angered me and my very first instinct is to do something but while we were on our way home I decided to just give thanks that at this point in time I am being tested and that my character is being mold thorugh this. And we prayed and thanked the Lord for the circumstances.

Sometimes, when we are not in a so good situation we find it hard to give thanks, but you'll be surprised how the very people that has been affected by the recent flood are still thankful for a lot of things. Bless their heart.

Last night, we were also taught to give thanks in advance for the things that we pray and hope for. In a way declaring that we will soon receive the answer to those prayer.

of course I gave thanks for the gift of parenthood, for the daughter or the son that He will be giving us soon. I know in my heart that we will become parents soon. I don't know how but I know we will in no time :) I am excited! and recently I've been browsing online stores that sells baby stuff again, you know those cloth diapers that are so cute and the lullaby earth crib mattress . I even thank God for the baby shower my friends would give me someday..hahaha!!

This sounds crazy but that's my hope and faith :)

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sexyjessie said...

Amen, sister. You will be blessed with a child soon, IJN.