Monday, June 4, 2012

Letters to God

We've been watching faith inspirational movies lately. We rarely watch movies now because for one our television was broken and we can only watch in our computer (subject to movies we can play with it) I hope we can have our tv set replaced so I can watch movies again and maybe watch comfortably sitting in huge bean bags with buckets of popcorn :)..but that's me dreaming lang....

So anyways, last night we watch "Letters to God" and it made me cry a lot.

I used to do that, I write letters to God, though I don't mail them of course instead I write them on my notebook and I realize I miss doing that. Writing letters to God is actually praying, it's a written prayer.

I remember that when I'm feeling low, I write and I tell God how I feel but I also have letters thanking Him and praising Him for his goodness and love.

It helped me a lot, I don't know but during that stage of my life where I used to write letters to God, that's when I feel I am closest to HIM. It feels different. And it also  nice to once in a while go back and read your letters. I do that once in a while.

Now I wish I can go back to writing my letters to God again.

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