Monday, January 16, 2012

When you Shepherd Me

This song is ministering to me right now, last night when I first heard it, I was overwhelmed by God's love. I hope it ministers to you too. Whatever your situation is right now, you just have to trust our GOOD SHEPHERD. You will be restored and renewed. Here's the complete lyrics;

by : Brian Doerksen

When You shepherd me
I have everything that I need
When You make me rest
Beside a peaceful stream

My soul is restored
My strength is renewed
When you shepherd me

When You shepherd me
Your rod and staff comfort me
As You guide my steps
I can trust Your lead

Even when I walk
Through the valley shadowed with death
I will not fear for You are with me

I am overwhelmed by love
Overtaken by Your mercy
Lord Your goodness without end
Will be the house in which I dwell

When you shepherd me
Your prepare a bountiful feast
Even when my enemies
Are closing in on me

You anoint me with oil
My cup overflows
When You shepherd me

and here's the story behind the song...
King David has always been one of my heroes and the 23 rd Psalm has always struck me as one of David’s theme songs, so it has always been one of my ‘life-songs’ as well. When I began leading worship and writing worship songs almost 20 years ago I wrote a song simply entitled “Psalm 23”. Over time that song faded away, but the pull of this psalm never has. Not that long ago, the church we were a part of went through a season where we were without a senior pastor, and I felt God ask me to serve for a season by handling some of the preaching and leadership responsibilities. As I looked over our congregation, it seemed to me that God wanted to gather us together and bring us back to all the realities found in this psalm. God wanted to restore our souls. So I began a series of messages . . . and as I began studying the Psalm afresh, I realized that we needed to sing the Psalm afresh to help us remember all the life that is packed into this song of David. So I paraphrased the lyrics and wrote a new melody (other than one fragment which I borrowed from my first song on Psalm 23) and taught “When you shepherd me” to our church. We often forget messages and sermons, but if we are singing those truths, it helps us connect our minds with our hearts, and it helps us to remember. Now this song has become one of my life-songs, and I don’t just use it as a worship leader, but I find myself singing it almost everyday when I need to be brought back into the care of my Good Shepherd again...

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MharMS said...

One of my favorite verses in the Holy Bible is Psalm 23. And I memorized it since the Fifth Grade up to now.