Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ministry Schedule and Update

I'm excited for 2012 because a lot is going to happen in our ministries. I've started the calendar and though I said I'll do short term plan (at least 6 months) I still ended up filling up the whole year!!

First off, our first full Medical Mission is happening on the 21st of January-and hopefully we will have a second one again before the year ends. This will be in the South (Laguna area) and we hope to serve families that can't afford to go to Doctors, we will also be giving free vitamins for the kids. Praise God for the group of doctors who'll partner with us for this ministry.

Vacation Bible School (VBS) is up and about again this coming Summer! Right now we are scheduled to have 4 VBS in 4 different areas :) Crazy I know, but God is our provider and I trust HIM. He will provide teachers, the materials and He will sustain our energy for this activity. The theme for this year is "The great outdoors : Exploring Nature -Experiencing God. This is gonna be a challenge for us because we are in the city and there is not much of nature/park nearby but our teachers/young people are up with that challenge :) I am thankful there is so much talent and creativity with our young people now and that they are using it to serve the Lord.

Aside from the VBS, there is the YOUTH CAMP on April 2-5, it's four days 3 nights and we are expecting at least less than a hundred youth to participate.

On May we will have the fund raising event again for the scholarship program and on JULY-I'm excited because a dear friend (Liz Propst) is coming back here in the Philippines with her mom and brother to help us in the ministries.

Our feeding ministry is still on-going, one in Makati City and we are supporting two feeding areas in Laguna.We are praying for more financial support with this as we desire also to reach more areas such as Bataan and Bicol.

Please partner with us in prayers, we need prayer warriors all over the world :) In preparation for all these happenings we will be on fasting and prayer (for 7 days) next week. Please do pray and fast with us. We need to offer all these to the Lord and make ourselves first and foremost intimate with HIM because otherwise without that close relationship with God, all these will just be plain church activities.

For other ministry needs, please pray for :

1. Ministry owned Camera - I know digital cameras are not that expensive anymore but believe me, until now Fishnets Ministry doesn't have one. It's about time :) (my personal camera which we often use in the ministry is now old and about to give up)

2. Volunteer Teachers- We need them specially for the Vacation Bible School

3. School supplies and other stuff for the kids- Our teacher in Laguna actually is praying for this, she has more than one hundred kids and they need more crayons and pencils.

Ooops..sorry, this has been a long post but thank you so much for staying and  reading.
God bless you!!

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