Tuesday, October 4, 2011

More than prayers

If you're not from my country, probably all you've been reading from the news about us are the typhoons that comes one after another. And the flood.

image source : chinapost

yes, the whole of Central Luzon is submerged in water and people lost millions of pesos in their business and agricultures, but my readers from other countries should also know that amidst these calamities, there are inspiring stories worth telling a thousand times.

Last night, I was inspired with stories of ordinary people trying to help and give whatever they are able to give to victims of this calamity.

A man (I believe he's a fisherman) in that area who was able to caught a lot of shrimps (due to overflow of fish cages) didn't think of keeping it all for him self or for his family. He gave his neighbor a handful each so they can have something to eat. When food and relief is scarce, there is this man who thinks not only of himself but of others too.

When evacuation centers are not enough, a lady opened her property for people she doesn't know and accommodated them, she initiated to give them food and organized a relief good distribution for those people. She even said that no one is too poor to help because even one peso you give can be of big help. And I couldn't agree more. If you can't give money, you can even give your time. A big foundation is calling for volunteers who will pack relief goods to be given to evacuees. and a lot of ordinary people are responding.

Sometimes, I think me praying for them is not enough, not when you know you can give them more..more than your prayers.

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