Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Leave of Absence or REST?

How does one take a leave of absence in ministry work?

I know the rules very well in a non-ministry job, let's say when you are a teacher, or a nurse, a computer programmer or people who have Dietetic Technician Jobs or any kind of job for that matter. You just file a leave of absence and someone will take charge and when you get back you resume the work you are handling.

But I figured, it's entirely different when you are doing ministry. Besides of the fact that you are not being paid regularly, it's God who chose you and appointed you to do such and only HIM should tell you when to stop. I really don't think leave of absence is applicable in this but of course we are allowed to take a rest. It's very important to rest in a while, you need to replenish your energy, to be filled again, to renew and be healed and be strong again.

So REST we will. My husband and I are taking rest for a while. I do not know how long but for sure God knows how long it will last. Our prayer is that while we are on rest, our passion will be renewed, our hearts will be filled and we will be even more strengthened and we'll be ready for the next assignment He will be giving us.

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