Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Working too hard?

Work has been crazy for two days in a row now. I'm expecting another crazy day tomorrow. I just wish it wouldn't last until Friday or else I'll have no more energy come weekend. :( But as I have said in my daily blog, I am not complaining. I'm thankful instead that I have a job.

People close to me often say I work too hard and often joke about me having a lot of kids that's why I have to work too hard. I don't know though, sometimes I am wondering if I am working too hard then why can't I afford little pleasures in life? a big plasma tv with plasma tv mounts? or a trip to beauty parlor at least once a month? Not that it would make me happier because I know very well that I can't find happiness in such. Just wondering.

How about you my dear readers? do you think you are working too hard?

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