Wednesday, September 21, 2011

do you WORRY?

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because right now, I DO.

my hands are's like anytime soon I'll be torn. I made a mistake and I discovered it only now and I knew very well, MISTAKES ARE NOT FREE.

I am worried that if they learn about it I'll be screwed. So I'm praying, begging that there will be no major effect on whatever/wherever we have used it.

I hope the Lord will listen and spare me.

What do you do when you worry?

I know I can put it into God's hands and leave it to HIM but I can't help it eh.

I'm such a worrier. I wish I can do something about it.

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sexyjessie said...

One thing you can do is to admit that you have done wrong and tell them, rather for them to find out. And of course, leave this thing to God that God will give the person a spirit of understanding.