Monday, July 25, 2011

Earthquake in Manila

Around 1:31 AM
July 26,2011
6.2 Magnitude
Intensity 4 in Manila, Quezon City and Clark Pampanga,
Intensity 3 in Pasig and Makati CIty

source : PHIVOLCS

I was awake and I felt it and  as of this time, I'm still bit scared and shaken. Suddenly  ugly memories from the July 1990 major earthquake floods my memory and I've become more scared.

I wish I slept early..but then I knew I would be awaken.

Phivolcs said we should expect aftershocks and honestly I feel like I'm feeling them but obviously I'm just a nervous wreck.

Please pray for everyone's safety here. 

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Beth Navarro said...

Pray lang po tayo!! God will hear us!!