Monday, January 10, 2011

Ministry Meeting

We had our first ministry meeting tonight. And though some of the problems from 2010 are still there we are all determined to do better this year.

The team have laid out plans for each ministries (health, education and youth) and we are all excited, surely this year will be BIGGER.

We will have three DVBS (Daily Vacation Bible School) this coming summer. One in Bataan, in Sta Lucia and here in our church.

I am also happy that the youth will have the chance for a local mission trips through these Vacation Bible School.

Another area for the feeding ministry will be added so we will have three areas this year. It used to be four but we decided to do less last year but as I have said God is doing it BIGGER this time.

We will have two "Praisin Kids' town (mini carnival) again, one for the BIBU kids and the other for the Special Children.

And the Back to School Hygiene Day is also up on schedule.

Plus there are lot of special activities on plan that we hope to take place this year.

The HEALTH ministry is also doing it much much BIGGER this year. They are already working for the Medical Mission on the 23rd of July.

With all that plans laid out, we covet your prayers for we know we can not do this alone. We need prayer warriors and I hope I can count on you. Some of our prayer items are :

1. Volunteers- we surely need extra hands. We need teachers for the weekend feeding and teaching program, we also need one who would be responsible for the material handling especially for all the major activities.

2. Finances - Bigger works means bigger expenses but it's okay because if that would mean bigger harvest for souls, bigger number of families transformed, bigger number of youth changed, so please please if you knew someone who have the heart for this kind of ministry, if your church is willing to support please let us know.

3. Prayer Warriors - we need all the prayers for all of these to take place.

I'll be updating from time to time about everything that is happening in our ministry so we could all give the GLORY TO GOD!! The reason why we are doing all of these.

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