Saturday, January 8, 2011

International Teams East Asia Regional Conference

2009 was our first time to attend the IT EAST ASIA Regional Conference, it was also the first time our ministry (Fishnets) was asked to report and gave an update, Fishnets was so new then.

This year, the conference will be in Singapore and it's happening on February 9-12. We would love to attend and meet other missionaries from all over Asia and at the same time tell them about our ministry here.

But we need your support and prayers, the registration fee and the airfare is quite big and we really can't afford it on our own.

We could stay in my cousin's place in Singapore to lessen the expenses (and if we could stay in some kind of Lightweight Backpacking Tents we would, if that would mean less expenses) just to be able to attend the said conference.

Please include this in your prayers. That we will be able to go and share and meet other missionaries and be blessed and restored and strengthened for another year of ministry.

God bless everyone!

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