Sunday, January 16, 2011

LJBC Christmas Party

And because finally I have some time to spend blogging and uploading pictures, I'm posting photos from our church Christmas Party. This was last December 19. We made sure everyone gets something. Thank you for those who supported and shared their blessings to us. The preparation especially buying the groceries and wrapping the gifts is tedious and tiring, I did it only the day before the party and I had to go to three grocery stores and shopping malls to complete the gifts, all the the running I did that day is more than the diet pills that worked and I have tried before. Thank you also for the hands that helped me in wrapping them all.
Till next year!

Some of the gifts

The line up of kids for the cash gift :) from a church member that is so blessed and is being a blessing to all of us. he gave us cash gift too! Thank you Kuya Rudy!
Everybody went home happy!!!

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