Wednesday, January 12, 2011

2011 Mission's Conference

It's now confirmed that we are going to attend the East Asia Regional Conference this coming February in Singapore. Praise the Lord!!Our beloved Pastor booked our ticket last Tuesday. I pray that this mission's conference will brought something new into our hearts as we continue to serve the Lord here in the Philippines. I also pray that the Fishnets Ministry whom we are going to represent will gain more exposure and I also hope to meet those who partnered and supported us from Singapore last year.

We have yet to established an office of our own, we do not have office tables or computers for office use, or hp printers or anything that you so usually find in office set up, this ministry doesn't even have full time workers (we are all volunteers) and yet I know we are rich because our God is big!!

Back to the mission's conference, we still need funds for the registration fee, as a matter of fact, nothing has been paid yet but again I do not worry because I have lifted them up to the Lord and I am very very SURE that He will provide.

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sexyjessie said...

Amen, sister. The Lord shall provide all your needs.