Saturday, December 11, 2010

Soul for Jesus-Best Gift Ever!

I was more than tired today but my heart is rejoicing. Tonight was the housewives' Christmas party with the theme "soul for Jesus" and to witness the many mothers accepted Christ is simply wonderful. Best gift ever for our Lord. :)

I thank God for the Women's ministry in our church who never get tired of reaching out to housewives and single moms out there. And I pray that indeed we will win more souls for Jesus come 2011.
So why I was tired? well, actually we had two parties today and I was awake earlier than usual, we went to buy balloons and gifts this morning, Yep! finally! I was able to buy some gifts and crossed out names from the list I recently created, though need to go back and buy some more for friends, (am hoping I can find some kind of nfl t shirts for my guy friends) but if none anything will do :) as long as I have gifts for them. 

And after that gift buying, we started doing the balloon decors, and then after that we rehearsed for the later party (worship team) and then right after rehearsal and a quick bath, we went straight to the first party- and left after few hours for the Houesewives Christmas Party which I hosted. Whoo..I can't imagine I did all that today! and still be awake at this hour and writing!

God really is the source of our strength! Praise HIM!

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