Wednesday, December 8, 2010


We're counting our last days here in our rented apartment and it gives me two contrasting feelings, sad that we're moving again and separating from dear friends that has been our housemate for 17 months, happy that finally for the first time after being married for nearly five years, my husband and I will be on our own. Just the two of us and I can't wait. Though packing and unpacking things is not a happy sight, still am looking forward to it.

Moving means expenses since we have to buy a lot of stuff, new door locks (only if I can afford a nice lock from schlage hardware, I find their door knobs and passage levers so nice)new house stuff since we don't own everything we have here which means we really have to buy for ourselves.

But GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME. He promised to see us in our coming and leaving so I am sure He will be with us. Even with our search for our new home.

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