Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Time is Right for Roberto Coin Jewelry

If you have waited until the last moment to get that piece of jewelry to “wow” your family and friends and are telling yourself “it's time to get out of my comfy zone” and find something, Roberto Coin has all you need in fine jewelry. You won't have to look long aRoberto Coin jewelry before you find something that will knock you off of your feet. With pieces such as the 18kt white gold C-Profile Diamond Pendant, the 18kt yellow gold O Diamond Pendant, and the Centro Florentine Bracele-18kt Gold Bangle with Diamond and much more, the only hard part would be choose one magnificent piece over the other.

Unique Jewelry Pieces

The history behind Roberto Coin jewelry is quite amazing. He founded this company in 1977 and, in the beginning, was suppose to create prestigious jewelry for fine international brands. As it would turn out by the year 2000, the pieces in his collection allowed the company to rank 7th amongst all of the best-known jewelry companies world wide. These pieces have an interesting hidden gem fixture. In 1996, Roberto Coin started signing the pieces that were in the Appassionata Collections by affixing a ruby to each piece, and this signing or “secret gem” is a part of all the collections. This piece is wrapped around a legend and lore and is thought of as a secret gift of good wishes.

The Roberto Coin Collection

Collections includes the Appassionata, Barocco, Capri Plus, Centro Diamonds, Chic & Shine, Circle of Life, Classica, and the Elephant Skin. They have a variety of styles and colors of rings, earrings, watches, necklaces, and bracelets to choose from. Dazzle a young person with a graduation or birthday gift they will never forget. This will be the perfect anniversary gift or a conversation piece you can showcase at a special event.

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